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Well, our daughter was arrested in mid-April, for 3 felony counts of distribution of mairjuana. She claims those were the only times she ever did it & that it was for someone she thought was her friend (who was, in fact, an informant & wearing a wire). I don't really believe her, she has a tendency to still lie an awful lot, in spite of her being an adult & all. She served 17 days & then plead guilty & was released until her sentencing. She was supposed to be making sure she was using marijuana or doing anything else illegal during that time, so she wouldn't go back to jail to wait, but she started drinking very heavily (she was only 20 at the time), we still have no idea where she was getting the alcohol from, other than the mead she stole from me. She was drinking until she would pass out, or throw up, or both, pretty much every day & I know she was smoking pot, too.

It got to the point where we laid down the law, threatening her with more jail time if she drinking or impaired in any way. She sat here & agreed with me, and when I came home later on that day, she was already drunk. We let it go, we had people over that evening to grill & hang out, and eventually she was so drunk she couldn't walk & at the same time, couldn't deny she was drunk, so Troy confronted her & I made her go in the house & go to sleep. She apparently threw up in her unconscious state, and she woke up later on & realized she could have died. We confronted her again in the morning, after she tried to lie to us about food poisoning. She had a lot she had to agree to, or we were kicking her out, so she started going to AA meetings, stopped drinking, had a curfew & had to let me smell her breath any time I asked to (and I did - often).

She made it through to her sentencing, although I'm sure, at the end, she was back to smoking pot, since she failed the drug test they gave her when they booked her into jail. She was sentenced to 90 days (would have been 60 if she had passed), serving 50 of them right away & then the rest on the weekends. She has 36 months of supervised, drug-tested probation, with a lot of restrictions on her life, including a curfew a lot more strict than the one we gave her. She has a huge fine added onto an already pretty big one.

We knew it was coming, but it really puts us in a bind. We were counting on her watching the animals while we're gone next weekend, on a long-awaited & planned for vacation with our friends. Well, she's in jail, we had to find a different solution. Her best friend is coming to stay here for the days we'll be gone. I hope. He said he would, but I'm always afraid things will fall apart on me, you know? Someday, I'll be able to count on people in my life & won't have to spend my free time worrying about everything.

When Can I Quit?

When is a reasonable time to stop taking care of your adult offspring? I'm serious. Our daughter moved out the day after she graduated, after months of disrespect & breaking every rule she could think of. She couldn't wait to get out of of horrible, controlling home. Well, she lost control of everything out on her own, he bi-polar came to a head, she ended up in the ICU, she lost her job, couldn't pay her rent. Of course, she wanted to come back, we let her for awhile, then after Christmas she was ready to move in with her boyfriend, which didn't work out, but I had already told her if she moved out again, she wasn't coming back. She moved in with a friend & her family, for almost a year. We let her come back, and she's been here ever since.

This morning, we were trying to get her cell bill paid & Troy was getting frustrated, so I told him to pay it however he wanted to, I wasn't doing it & getting blamed (by Virgin) for messing up. She went off on me, accusing me of "talking shit" about her and every other thing you can imagine, then she decided she was moving out. She took part of her stuff, but not everything. I know she'll either come back & get the rest or she'll come back & want to move back in. I don't plan to let her moved back in. I'm tired of the constant fighting & craziness. I feel like a POW half of the time. I'm pretty sure I have a right to stand up & tell her not to come back, that enough id enough, but how do I deal with the guilt?

So Much Better

I'm feeling so much better this week than I was last. This low residue diet, while very boring & so not what I'm used to eating, is very effective. I'll be very happy to start adding other things back into my diet on the 5th, but for now, I think I'll be okay & I have a copy of the diet printed out for the future.

So Freaking Tired

I stayed up way too late last night, messing around on Lamebook & reading, knowing full well that I'd get up when Troy left for work. If nothing else, I knew he'd have to bring Tiny through here, since I loaned our leash to Erin & he isn't back with it yet. Then I realized how much snow we have & wanted to get the walks cleared & my car cleaned up, but when I opened the curtains up, I discovered that Troy had already done all of that before he left for work.

So now, I'm feeling like crap & debating whether I want a nap or a shower, and so far, I think the nap is winning. Mostly, because I really just feel like crap.


This low residue diet seems to be working, at the very least, I'm not in constant pain anymore. It's really difficult to go out to dinner while eating this way, though. I can have potatoes, so that means fries, but only if they have no skin on them. Menus rarely tell you whether they do or not. We went to Chili's yesterday for a late lunch/early dinner type thing & I ordered based on what I was allowed to eat & the fries had skin on them. I ate some of them, not all & seem to be okay today, although I do hurt a little bit, that could also have to do with the sesame seeds on the bun.

I guess if it works for me & brings me some relief, which I hadn't had for weeks, it's worth it & I'll keep doing it. I can't complain when I know I have to let myself heal & that I'm doing this for that reason. I'll survive, after all.

Total Suckage

Any idea how much a low residue diet sucks when you've spent 18 months of so depending on high fiber & whole grains to get you through the day? I absolutely hate white bread, white rice & white pasta. Guess what i get to eat in the arena of "grains?" Enriched, refined white bread, buns, bagels & English muffins. Also plain cereal, like cornflakes, Cheerios & Chex. Yum. White rice, refined pasta & soda crackers. Fortunately, I can eat a lot of the vegetables that I like, but no broccoli or cauliflower (and of course, I just bought a HUGE bag of broccoli) and very few fruits, which means the cherries in my fridge will go to Rhi or get wasted.

January 5th I can start slowly adding whole grains & high fiber back in & see if I'm healed & ready to go. FML and my stupid body. I hate having diverticulitis.


I haven't posted in here in FOREVER. I know, right? I'm really going to try to get back in here & use this as my personal space, where I know a lot of people in real life aren't reading what I'm writing about. A lot of things have changed in my life since I was last active here, like I lost about 75 pounds & am still trying to lose the rest.

We quit Faire, lock, stock & barrel, now I'm trying to make sure Troy doesn't cave & want to go back & try it again. I will NOT cave & go back, so he'll be doing it alone & if he does, and he starts bitching about it to me, or taking his frustrations out on me, he'll be deciding between me & Faire. Most of the reason I quit was because I couldn't take that stuff anymore.

We've gone through a lot of trials as a couple over the past few months, but we're trying like hell to get back to where we ought to be and where we should have been. It seems to be working out fairly well, so far.

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